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Wednesday 21 May 2014

SS Dresden - News of the arrival

Feb. 10th 1889, Buenos Aires Herald
News of the Day
A new steamer, the Dresden, of the North German Lloyd line, left Queenstown on January 25th, for Buenos Aires, with 1800 immigrants, mostly Irish. Sres. Navarro and Granella are also on board. On Friday 1271 immigrants were disembarked at the Catalinas Mole from the English Steamer Calabria.


Feb. 12th 1889 - The Standard
Editors Table
Mr. O’Meara’s thousand Irish emigrants will be in Montevideo today. They form the largest batch of emigrants that has ever arrived here from the United Kingdom, and it is the bounden duty of our community to give them a cordial reception. English, Scotch and Irish estancieros should come forward and employ the agricultural families. The artisans and girls will be pretty certain of employment in this city in the workshops and as servants. We learn that Mr. Thomas Kincaid, the well known Rio Negro estanciero, had and interview with the Minister yesterday about starting an Irish Colony there and placing all the new comers on it. The Government should lend the most willing ear and aid to this proposal. The success of such colony –and in Mr. Kincaid’s hands it would be certain to succeed- would be more powerful in attacking a stream of bone and muscle from the north of Europe than the efforts of ten thousand propagandistas. Meanwhile, it is most desirable that some immediate local preparation be made to receive, cheer and encourage these poor people on their arrival in a land where everything will be strange to them –climate, customs, language, and everything except their religion. The meeting at Messrs S. B. Hale and Co’s offices today is a well timed step, and we invite all our readers to attend it.


Feb. 13th 1889 - The Standard
Editors Table
The event of yesterday was the meeting to arrange for the reception of the Irish Emigrants expected to arrive today in the steamer Dresden. It was a splendid success and will certainly be productive of great results. A steam of Irish blood to this republic may now be confidently counted upon.


Feb. 15th 1889 - Buenos Aires Herald

Feb. 16th 1889 - La Prensa

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