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Monday 19 May 2014

The Contract for the Colony at Bahía Blanca


It is hereby agreed between Don Pedro A. Gartland o the one hand and Edward Casey (President), John Drysdale (Vice-President), F.H. Mulhall (Hon. Sec.) for the Committee on the other.-
Art. 1st – Don Pedro A. Gartland, in representation of the Argentine Vine-Culture Company, by whom he has been duly empowered for this effect, transfers the right and property of four hundred Chacras (small farms) of its lands in Bahía Blanca to an equal number of agricultural families at the rate of eighty dollars (80 M/n) per Hectarea nominal value in Celulas serie N. Of the Provincial Mortgage Bank transferring on account or in full payment there of a portion of the debt which the Company owes to the said Mortgage Bank of the Province; furthermore the Argentine Vine-Culture Company binds itself to provide the Colonist during one year with provisions, seed, tools, housing and animals, in the form and proportion hereinafter expressed, to the amount of ($100 m/n) one thousand dollars national money each family at a charge of (9%) nine percent yearly for interest and administration. The Argentine Vine-Culture Company reserves to itself the right to arrange at any time with one of the Banks, on the Guarantee of the Company, an advance of one or two thousand dollars for each of the said Agriculturists and which shall be received by the Company in payment of the provisions, seeds, housing, implements, animals, etc. aforesaid supplied them during the year, in which case no more interest will be charged than the Bank rate plus(2%) two percent  for administration expenses. In case the company does not give its guarantee then it will only recover the actual outlay leaving the colonists at liberty to administer the balance.
Art 2nd – Should the mortgage transference not reach the full amount of the of the purchase price the difference will be charged to each agriculturist at the same rate of 9% (nine per cent) annually as the other advances, and which shall be liquidate each quarter, the families paying for same by the 1 result of the sale of their erops.
Art 3rd – The colonist and their luggage together with such tolls and implements as the Company shall furnish them, must be conveyed at the cost of the Government, to the hands of the Argentine Vine-Culture Company, situated in Bahia Blanca along the Southern Railway track between kilometres 679 and 684.
Art 4th – Settlers must draw lots for their farms, the title-deeds for which shall be immediately drawn out and delivered over to each by the agent of the Company.
Art 5th – The Company to supply each settler with the following provisions: Daily ration for each person: one kilo of meat, quarter kilo of bread or biscuit or the equivalent in flour, two ounces of rice and half an ounce of salt for 28 cents per day and per head.
Monthly rations per head: two kilos of soap, four kilos of yerba mate (native teh), one kilo of tobacco and eight sheets of paper for one half dollar per head per month, besides an extraordinary allowance to those who may require it of half an ounce of coffee, one ounce of sugar and thee sticks (astillas) of tire wood for fifteen cents paper money.
Art 6th – Each colonist will be provided with a book in which shall be noted whatever goods and advances of any kind have been made from time to time expressing the amount and value of each item.
Art 7th – The aforesaid gentlemen hereby compromise themselves that the English and irish colonists, per SS “Dresden”, accept the foregoing clauses and guarantee morally their due and proper fulfilment of same.
Art 8th – Said gentlemen likewise bind themselves to procure ___ tents, during ___ days, for accommodation of said settlers and their families on their arrival at the ground and during the construction of their respective houses.
They likewise undertake to supply food to said colonists and families during the first five days of their arrival on the ground.
Art 9th – Both parties agree to extend all the benefits and obligations expressed in the eight preceding articles to such a number of artisans as may be found necessary to the working o the colony.
Art 10th – This contract shall be drawn out by a notary public in proper legal form. And in conformity and proof thereof we both sign in the one tenor and accord.
Buenos Aires, February 1889.

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