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Mr Terence Flanagan T.D. Independent, Reform Alliance, 13/08/2014 - Dublin Bay North Constituency, Dáil Éireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2. "Thank you for your email. I support The Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden and wish you well with your research which will be of benefit to the people of Argentina and Ireland". [Note: Terence was first elected to Dáil Éireann to represent the people of Dublin North East in 2007. He was re-elected in 2011 on the first count. As Fine Gael’s Housing Spokesperson before the 2011 election he raised the issue of pyrite in housing and brought attention to the fact that some housing built during the boom years was not fire-compliant. Terence has previously served as Chairman of the Fine Gael Finance Committee and has sat on the Transport and Communications Committee and now sits as an independent TD]. Many thanks to Deputy Terence Flanagan TD for supporting the objectives of The Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden.

Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey, BA (Hull), PhD (Hull), FTCD, 01/08/2014 - Membre de l’Académie de Savoie, Director, CMRS: Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Trinity College, Dublin 2. "Please add my support:. [Note: Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey is a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in the Department of French and a Fellow of Trinity College. She has also been awarded Membership of the prestigious Académie de Savoie. Her main research and publishing area is French Renaissance poetry, with specific reference to Marc-Claude de Buttet, the Court poetry of Savoy, the influence of the Pléiade, Classical and Italian influences on French Renaissance poetry, and hermeneutics. She has also published on the seventeenth-century poet Saint-Amant, contemporary French women's writing, Franco-Irish links in World War Two and Franco-Irish sporting links]. Many thanks to Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey for supporting the objectives of The Dresden Descendents Project -Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden.

Dr Gerald Morgan M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.) FTCD (1993), 26/07/2014 - Director, Chaucer Hub, Trinity College, Dublin 2. 26/07/2014: "You have my 100% support". [Note: Gerald Morgan was a postgraduate at Jesus College, Oxford, before moving to Trinity College Dublin, where he taught for many years before retirement. Dr Morgan was a Fellow of Trinity from 1993 to 2002. His primary research field is medieval literature and is the author of several books]. Many thanks to Dr Morgan for supporting the objectives of The Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden.

Clontarf Historical Society: 17/06/2014: "The Clontarf Historical Society would like to Declare Support for your project". [Note: The society was established in 1978 and is a member of the Federation of Local History Societies. The main objective of the society is the encouragement of an awareness of the history and heritage of Clontarf and its environs by researching and recording the history of the area and its people, and by promoting this through regular lectures, talks, discussions, and outings]. Many thanks are due to the Clontarf Historical Society for their expression of support for The Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden.

Comunidad Irlando-Uruguaya: 15/06/2014: The Irish Community in Uruguay have indicated support for The Dresden Descendents Project -Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden. Many thanks to the UruguayIrlanda.com community for their support.

The Maritime Insitute of Ireland/Foras Muirí na hÉireann: 14/06/2014: Peadar Ward President of the Institute advised "The Board of the Maritime Institute of Ireland at its meeting on the 10th June 2014 resolved that it was fully supportive of "The Dresden Descendents Project" - "Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden". An article on the Argentine Republic Emigration Scheme is also included as part of the Institute's website archival sources. [Note: The Maritime Institute of Ireland was founded in 1941 at one of the most critical moments in Ireland's history. Their mission is to foster an appreciation of Ireland's maritime heritage. To that end they operate the museum, host lectures, issue newsletters and a journal, maintain a library, host and support commemorations, promote and conduct research. The Patron of the Maritime Institute of Ireland is President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins. See Remarks by President Michael D. Higgins at the re-opening of the National Maritime Museum, Old Mariners Church, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Tuesday, 5th June 2012]. Many thanks are due to Maritime Institute of Ireland/Foras Muirí na hÉireann for their support.

Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Eamon Gilmore T.D. - 11/06/14: In his letter to The Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden.The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Eamon Gilmore T.D., advised , that "he is supportive of those groups both in Ireland and elsewhere that endeavour to commemorate Irish emigrants and their descendants across the globe". Many thanks are due to the Minister For Foreign Affairs and the Department of Foreign Affairs for their helpful advice and ongoing support for the Diaspora.

Marino Local History Society: 11/06/2014: "Thank you for your fascinating email and you have our support". [Note: The Marino Local History Society (MLHS) was formed in 2007 and has grown rapidly since then. The MLHS for historical reasons covers Fairview, Drumcondra, Ballybough and Clontarf. The MLHS is Ireland’s first dedicated on-line historical society.The work carried out by the MLHS is 100% voluntary based. We encourage people to contribute articles, recollections, old photographs in order to preserve our local and social history. All our work is published to this website. On a local level we have assisted; local schools, libraries, National Museum of Ireland, RTE, Sky Atlantic, TG4, Office of Public Works, family researchers, OAP’s, 3rd level students on historical projects in a voluntary context]. Thank you Marino Local History Society for your support The Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden.

Canadian Association for Irish Studies/L'Association canadienne d'etudes irlandaises: 04/06/14: Thank you for providing information on this project. In 2012, CAIS hosted a plenary on Irish communities in South America, and I am sure there is interest among CAIS members. CAIS would be happy to support this project by letting members of our community know about it through our official website and our facebook page. Dr Michele Holmgren, PhD, President, Canadian Association for Irish Studies/L'Association canadienne d'etudes irlandaises. [Note: The Canadian Association for Irish Studies (CAIS) has been serving students of Irish culture for over thirty years, seeking to foster and encourage the study of Irish culture in Canada. It also works to encourage young scholars and develop the next generation of Irish studies enthusiasts as well as support discussion of current issues in Irish studies and culture through conferences, publications, and online resources]. Many Thanks to the Canadian Association for Irish Studies/L'Association canadienne d'etudes irlandaises for their support.

Argentine British Community Council: 30/05/14 - Mr John A. Hunter, Chairman of kindly advised "I just wanted to inform that you can count on our help in the search of descendants of the SS Dresden. We will put out a notice on our facebook, newsletter, etc. and hopefully people will contact Juan Pablo". Many thanks to the ABCC for their support.

Lord Mayor O'Muilleoir from Belfast: 27/05/14 - Councillor Máirtín Ó Muilleoir Lord Mayor of Belfast/Ard-Mhéara Bhéal Feirste announced moral support for The Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden: In his acknowledgement letter to a request for moral support for the Dresden Descendents Project - Proyecto Los Descendientes del Dresden, the Lord Mayor noted "with great interest that many emigrants who undertook that arduous sea journey in 1889 on board the SS Dresden from Cobh to Argentina in the hope of a better life, also came from Northern Ireland". He said "Projects that engage in the recovery of memory of our Irish Argentine diaspora can only enhance contemporary knowledge of their experience and will assist descendents to proactively reclaim their own history otherwise the narrative surrounding the largest group of Irish immigrants to enter Argentina during the last century could be forgotten". "On behalf of the City of Belfast, I am pleased to offer my moral support for your endeavour" and "My best wishes from the people of Belfast to the extended Irish community in Argentina". Many thanks are due to the Lord Mayor/Ard-Mhéara for his supportive and kind words.

Irish Minister Seán Haughey12/03/10 - Mr. Haughey express his gratitude to Mr. Mulvany for sending him copies of the documentary that we didn't in La Vitícola and Napostá for the 121 aniversary of the arrival of the immigrants to in February 2010. He says “Your recent trip to Argentina is the culmination of some great efforts on your part to remember the events surrounding the SS Dresden and the Irish Colony in Argentina in the late 1880s. I have found the material you provided very poignant. It is immediately apparent that these settlers have suffered greatly, many, including children, paying the ultimate price with their lives in this escapade.” He adds “no doubt this trip was very moving for you with the knowledge that some family members may have been buried in the La Vitícola area.”  He finish saying that “it is entirely fitting that Fr. Eoghan as an Oblate should have blessed these paques given that another member of thesame Congragation, Fr. Gaughren, played such a central role in this venture. I will, of course, be happy to provide an update to him on your activities”. Thanks Mr. Seán Haughey for your interest on the SS Dresden case and for your encouraging words.

Irish Embassy in Argentina: 03/12/09 - Mrs. Ambassador Philomena Murnaghan, give the support of the Irish Embassy regarding the Project adding that "there is more information to be discover about the this vneture, the establishment and failure of the agricultural center of La Vitícola and the destiny of many Irish immigrants that found death there". She adds that "your documentary help to the comprehension and the study of the relations by the end of the XIX century between Ireland and Argentina and the aspects regarding the Irish migration to the River Plate".

Society for Irish Latin Amercian Studies: 09/02/09 - Edmundo Murray, Secretary of SILAS gives the support of the institution for the realization of the documentary "Los Descendientes del Dresden".

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