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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Wilkinson family

Thomas Wilkinson and Family

by Edwina Swingler

Thomas Wilkinson, his wife Margaret and their 7 children boarded at Queenstown. They were from Kilkenny, Kilkenny, Ireland. Thomas died in Buenos Aires, Argentina 07 Jan 1897. Margaret immigrated to USA via Cape Town, South Africa 1907 with her 4 younger sons. The oldest son Thomas married Irene Spinetto in Argentina and later moved to US.

Her oldest daughter Marian married a William Foley in US. Johanna her only other daughter married Orey Loveday, their first child was born in Argentina, second in Cape Town and remaining 4 children (all girls) were born in New York, USA.

My husband is the grandson of Johanna and Orey Loveday.

SS Dresden Records

WilkinsonThomasmEnglish15/02/1889Queenstown31213Sin oficio por menorSS
WilkinsonMarianfEnglish15/02/1889Queenstown31211Sin oficio por menorSN
WilkinsonJohannafEnglish15/02/1889Queenstown3129Sin oficio por menorSN
WilkinsonJosephmEnglish15/02/1889Queenstown3127Sin oficio por menorSN
WilkinsonRobertmEnglish15/02/1889Queenstown3125Sin oficio por menorSN
WilkinsonEdwardmEnglish15/02/1889Queenstown3123Sin oficio por menorSN
WilkinsonDanielmEnglish15/02/1889Queenstown3121Sin oficio por menorSN


1895 Census - Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Source: familysearch.org

The family of three is living at that time in Buenos Aires with many "english" neighbors. Mr. Thomas is 50 y/o and reported as blacksmith. He is married with Margarita (Margaret) that is 45 and they are together for the last 25 years. Their oldest is Tomas (Thomas), 20 y/o and reported as laborer.

Thanks so much Edwina for your records!


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