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Thursday 8 October 2009

Press Release - Mercantile Marine Medal Presentation

Una de las consecuencias que tuvo este documental fue generar una excusa para que la familia McCarthy volviera a estar junta.
Hoy los primos directos McCarthy tuvieron la chance de encontrarse en una ceremonia particular. Aquí, en Argentina Jorge Makarte (McCarthy devenido en el tiempo en Makarte) tuvo la misma ceremonia en la Embajada de Irlanda en Buenos Aires (ver link).
Estas medallas no solo representan el valor de Timoteo y Patricio McCarthy en la época de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, sino que hoy representa el vínculo tangible que los une como familia.


At approximately 12 noon today the Irish Mercantile Marine Valor Medal awarded to Timoteo McCarthy by the Irish government for his service to Ireland during the second world war, was presented by the Irish Government to his grandson Alan McCarthy from the UK. Alan was accompanied by his sister Linda and her husband Brian along with Timoteo's other grandson Peter Mulvany. Sharon McGrath, the Supertendent of the Mercantile Marine Office on behalf of the Minister for Transport, stated that this ceremony was in commemoration of the late Mr. Timoteo McCarthy who had honourable service onboard Irish registered vessels during the Emergency.

She went on to say that the debt of gratitude we owe to brave men, like Timoteo, must never be forgotten. Keeping the supply lines open during this difficult time greatly helped to minimise the sacrifice the people had to endure. She added this is something we must not forget. Timoteo and his brother Patricio both from Balcarce, Buenos Aires, are the only Argentine nationals to have served on Irish ships during the Emergency. Patricio was lost on the Leukos and is also honored as being the only Argentine to have lost his life while serving on Irish neutral vessels during the second world war. Also present was the President of the Maritime Institute of Ireland, Mr Eoghan Ganly and Mr Clement McGann Council member of the M.I.I. http://www.mii.connect.ie/. The President of Ireland, Her Excellency, Mrs Mary McAleese, is Patron of the Maritime institute of Ireland.


On Friday 9 October 2009 at approximately 12 noon a unique presentation to the grandson of Timoteo McCarthy will take place in the Mercantile Marine Office of the Department of Transport, Leeson Lane Dublin 2.
Alan McCarthy from Wallasey in Cheshire, England, accompanied by his sister Linda along with their cousin Peter Mulvany, will be presented with a Mercantile Marine service medal awarded to his grandfather Timoteo McCarthy who served with honour on Irish Merchant vessels during World War two. Timoteo and his brother Patricio who lost his life during the emergency were Argentine nationals. This presentation is in recognition of the service of the McCarthy family and for the sacrifices they made while carrying out their duties onboard Irish ships during the Emergency period.
The McCarthy Irish Argentine Connection
Patricio [Patrick] McCarthy and his brother Timoteo [Timothy] McCarthy were born in Balcarce, Mar Del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1897 and 1895 respectively and farmed in Balcarce, an area approximately 60km West of Mar Del Plata. Both Timoteo and Patricio were brought to Ireland in 1905 and ended up in the Sacred Heart Home Drumcondra run by the Sisters of Charity. In 1906 they were sponsored by the St Vincent de Paul Society and sent on to St Vincents Orphanage, Glasnevin in Dublin. Spanish was their spoken language at the time. Later on both went to sea. Patricio McCarthy served on the Irish registered fishery protection vessel Fort Rannoch before he lost his life on the steam Trawler Leukos on the 9th of March of 1940. He is the only Argentine National to have lost his life on an Irish Registered Vessel during World War 2.

Timoteo [Timothy] McCarthy
served on the Muirchu during 1939 until the handover to the Irish Department of Defence on the 10th November 1939 and later served with honour on Irish Ships throughout the War years. Both Patricio and Timoteo are the only Argentine nationals to have served on Irish registered vessels during the emergency.

On Sunday 24th February 2002 the Irish marine valour medal with 3 bars and citation, awarded posthumously by the Irish Government to Patricio (Patrick) McCarthy, lost as a result of belligerent action, 9th of March 1940 on the Irish steam trawler Leukos, was presented to his next of kin, Mr Peter Mulvany. by Mr Hugh Byrne TD, then Minister of State for Marine and Natural Resources. The Presentation of citation was by his Excellency, Mr Victor E Beauge, Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Ireland. In his speech the Minister highlighted the nautical ties that exist between Ireland and Argentina and paid a special tribute to the role of Admiral William Brown from County Mayo, an Irish citizen, who founded the Argentine Navy in the 1800s.

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